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Joanna Lichocka returns to the position of vice-chairman of the Culture and Media Committee

Law and Justice deputy Joanna Lichocka on July 24, by the votes of the opposition, was dismissed from the position of deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media. She was reinstated in this position on Thursday.

On Thursday, during the session of the Sejm Committee on Culture and Media, in the “miscellaneous matters” item, PiS deputy Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka submitted a motion to supplement the composition of the committee’s presidium. 15 MPs voted in favor of Joanna Lichocka from Law and Justice as the deputy chairman of the Culture and Media Committee, against 14 against.

Even before the vote, Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska from the Civic Coalition assessed that the composition of the presidium should not be supplemented in this manner and submitted a negative motion. A member of the Civic Coalition proposed to oblige the chairman of the committee or the presidium to “supplement the composition of the presidium as soon as possible”. However, the deputies voted on the motion to supplement the composition.

The deputy chairman of the commission, Marek Suski from Law and Justice, nominated Joanna Lichocka. Opposition politicians reported Małgorzata Prokop-Paczkowska (Left), Jarosław Rzepa (PSL-Kukiz15) and Piotr Adamowicz (KO). The candidacy of Joanna Lichocka was the first to be voted on. The Culture Committee consists of 30 deputies, 29 votes took part in the vote. 15 were in favor of Lichocka, and 14 were against. Due to the fact that she had obtained a majority, no other motions were voted on.

“Gest Lichocka” and dismissal from the function of deputy

On July 24, the culture committee dismissed a PiS deputy from the position of deputy chairman of the committee. 14 MPs were in favor of its dismissal, 13 were against, and one abstained. Opposition MPs requested the dismissal of Joanna Lichocka, and the Law and Justice argued then that the behavior attributed to her “had nothing to do with an offensive gesture”.


Joanna Lichocka showed her middle finger towards the opposition during the sessionTVN24

In February, after the vote in which the Sejm voted against the Senate’s resolution to reject the amendment to the Broadcasting Act and the subscription law, which provides for compensation of PLN 1.95 billion in 2020 for TVP and Polish Radio, the media circulated Lichocka’s recording where he points his middle finger towards the opposition.

Joanna Lichocka assured that she did not make a vulgar gesture, but only moved “vigorously twice her finger under her eye, because she was nervous”, which – according to her – can be seen in the film materials published on the web. She declared that she was ready to submit explanations to the parliamentary ethics committee. She apologized to everyone who felt offended. She also stated that the use of freeze frames was misleading the public and accused the Civic Platform of launching a “propaganda machine”.

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