Jennifer Lopez, again her: first she enchants everyone, then the gaffe with Serena Rossi

It is useless to deny it: we all dream of finding ourselves at least once in our life in the shoes (very stylish and low-cut) of J-Lolost in the languid gaze he gives us Ben Affleck while we feel his hand that wraps our hips, protagonists of a love that seemed lost and then is miraculously found again, in love like little girls despite the 50 going, while we parade on the red carpet without hearing the screams of the photographers because we have ears only for the little words sweets that he whispers to us as he kisses our hair.

And then instead we find ourselves in the role of Serena Rossi who at the party of the evening is presented to J-Lo, “Nice to meet you, I am the godmother of the Festival”, “Nice to meet you” and immediately afterwards she finds herself ignored by the divine because another gentleman who is the president of the Festival Festival is talking to her and above all because in the meantime Ben and her have arrived. as she sees it she lights up, opens her mouth in a smile and her arms in an embrace. And Serena Rossi disappears from the radar. Just long enough to retreat, showing off an embarrassed smile and making sure whoever holds the cell phone and shoots the video of just 14 seconds that went viral in the blink of an eye: “I detach myself. They love each other too much. I’m ashamed.”

In short, even if here we are talking about two wonderful artists and two authentic beauties, there is no doubt that it is easier to empathize with our Serena than with the American pop star. Who hasn’t felt invisible? To find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time? In spite of himself, to take on the role of the third wheel? Certainly it is easier than finding yourself in the middle of a love that looks like a film, or rather a fairy tale that at the last turns to the positive and with a stroke of a magic wand puts everything back in place, as if twenty years had never passed. But from here to insult Jennifer Lopez, to accuse her of rudeness and snobbery, to accuse her of being a brute person, he passes. Social media, on the other hand, did not resist. On the other hand that exaggerated cleavage with breasts defying gravity, that bright smile lost in Ben’s eyes screamed for revenge. and the haters didn’t let themselves be begged.

Cinzia Marongiu


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