Jelínek from Lunetic did not break for the first time: Burned girlfriend!

The collision of a pedestrian with a car, which was driven by the singer of the band Lunetic Vašek Jelinek, took place on the D 10 motorway in the direction of Trutnov. The collision occurred in Mladá Boleslav.

“It’s definitely not Vasek’s fault, the pedestrian was crossing the highway! I was with him during the resuscitation and alternating him. He revived a pedestrian for ten minutes, who also lost his leg in a collision. Vasek did everything he could to save his life until the ambulance arrived, “said a witness who was present at the scene of the accident. The whole unfortunate incident is now being investigated by the police.

Lunetic celebrated 20 years: It’s four again, but … Kocián forgot the lyrics!

The frontman of the once popular Lunetic group has suffered one serious car accident in the past when he crashed on the road between Most and Louny in 2001. In addition, Peugeot took off immediately after the accident and at that time the singer’s girlfriend had to be transported to the hospital in Louny with burns.

“We were in a car fire. There were two injuries. We do not know how the accident happened. There was no other car in the accident, “confirmed the event officer of the Most fire brigade on the iDNES website.

A new song by the Lunetics. What do you say to her?

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