Jeffrey Epstein threw Harvey Weinstein out of his house

They are both convicted sex offenders – and spent time together until the argument broke out. As reported by “The Sun”, Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019) threw ex-Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein (68) out of his home in France and called him “a pig”. The reason: Weinstein had become violent towards one of the women Epstein kept as a masseuse.

The attorney between Bradley J. Edwards and Epstein and Weinstein revealed the scandal in his book “Relentless Pursuit”. In it he writes how Epstein’s former friend and accomplice, model scout Jean-Luc Brunel (74), told him about the conflict between Epstein and Weinstein. “Jean-Luc described an incident in great detail that culminated in a heated argument between Epstein and Weinstein that ended their relationship,” said Edwards.

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