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Japan’s Super Robot Spirits Anime Song Concert comes to Taiwan – May 19th Performance

The FancyFrontier fan club announced today (22nd) that Japan’s veteran anime song concert SUPER ROBOT SPIRITS (スーパーロボットspirits) will come to Taiwan for the first time on May 19th (Taipei Flower Expo Zhengyan Hall), and the performers Including Kageyama Konobu (Kageyama ヒロノブ), Endo Masaaki, Fukuyama Yoshiki, Horie Midoko, Natugawa Maya, MIQ (MIO).

SUPER ROBOT SPIRITS, abbreviated as SRS, can be traced back to the tenth cross-border “Super Robot Wars” “Super Robot Wars F” launched by Banpu in 1997 on SEGA Saturn Robot.

At that time, in order to promote the release of the game, a “ROBONATION” project was held in collaboration between “Super Robot” and anime singers. The concert was called “ROBONATION SUPER LIVE”. In 1998, it was renamed SUPER ROBOT SPIRITS and is held every year.

The first episode of SRS was hosted by Ichiro Mizuki, Midoko Horie, Konobu Kageyama, and MIQ. Each subsequent episode will feature a live band and chorus. In addition to the aforementioned four singers, multiple guests will be invited to participate in each episode. The performers range from senior to young Singers. Some singers have taken a break from animation activities for a while. When appearing, they may share stories such as “It’s been years since I sang this song” during the MC segment.

Classic songs include the original songs of the “Super Robot Wars” series “Tokiyoshi Toki” and “Hot Wind!” blast! SRS”, “Soul of Steel”, “Megatron Z” (Invincible Iron King Kong), etc., have become the regular opening or closing songs of SRS.

The SRS concert also featured unplugged performances of theme songs from “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “Getter Robot”, “Brave Series”, “J9 Series” and other works. In addition to the performers’ own representative songs, there are also original songs that are difficult to invite. Songs sung (due to retirement, death, etc.).

The SUPER ROBOT 2024 TAIPEI soul performance is said to not be in the form of a full band. The performers will perform a special unplugged performance separately. More detailed ticket sales information will be released on the official website and Facebook.

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