Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka: Can Red Bull Secure Constructors’ Championship?

Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka: Can Red Bull Secure Constructors’ Championship?

In the land of the rising sun, the sun has long risen, in fact it will be setting soon. Before that, however, we have the Japanese Grand Prix at the popular circuit in Suzuka, which can decide whether Red Bull will become the constructors’ champion. So let’s look at it together.

Today we have a race that will last 53 laps starting at 07:00 our time. Red Bull will have everything in their hands in them. However, we are not only referring to his speed, but also to the fact that he does not need the help of the competition to seal the championship title.

All it takes is for Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez to beat Mercedes by a single point today, and Scuderia Ferrari will not close the lead of the red bulls by 24 or more points today. If these two conditions are fulfilled, Red Bull will be able to start celebrating after the checkered flag.

Starting grid and strategies

Max Verstappen can do it himself today. He will start from pole position and there will be a papaya buffer zone between him and Red Bull’s main rivals. Oscar Piastri will try to get the Japanese podium after starting from second place, Lando Norris from third place.

Logan Sargeant will start from the pit lane, and the commissioners have already given him a ten-second time penalty.

The entire starting grid looks like this:

Pirelli predicts a messy race for us today. A circuit with fast, tight corners will give the tires a hard time, and when the relatively high temperatures are combined, we are well-earned for two-stop strategies.

According to Friday’s analysis, the Italian tire supplier estimates that you will reach the finish line the fastest if you use twice the hard compound and once the soft tires with the red marking. Of course, not everyone has so many hard sets in stock. Several riders may therefore prefer the triple combination of medium-hard-soft, or soft-medium-soft.

Max Verstappen, who can afford up to three stints on mediums, reserved the most medium-hard sets for Sunday. What does it look like for the other riders? The following graphic will tell us that:

Now that we have the basic information clear, we can slowly move to Suzuka. Even today, we will map everything important in our LIVE broadcast.

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