Japanese family music trapped with 3 bells

Chen Jiahui escaped a catastrophe, congratulations!

Chen Jiahui, who is on vacation, is in Japan. While driving with his family on vacation in Shizuoka Prefecture the day before yesterday, he encountered a series of 11-car accidents on the highway. He was following her and ran away on emergency braking. She screamed in fear: “On the line. Poor man, survived a catastrophe, he’s really lucky!”

Wireless Xiaohua Chen Jiahui (Erica) followed her family to Japan to live and study when she was 12, and recently she finally had the opportunity to return to her “hometown” Tokyo, Japan to visit relatives. She living alone in Hong Kong, she has been used extensively by TVB in recent years and has been the heroine of one series after another. She hasn’t been back to Japan for 3 years. She was very happy, she enjoyed every day with her family and met with her classmates to catch up on old times. However, when she was driving with her family to Shizuoka prefecture the day before yesterday, she encountered a series of 11 car accidents in the Mount Agatsuma tunnel. At that moment, her car followed closely behind her. Fortunately, she crashed to avoid death in time. Although she and her family were not injured, they were also afraid to kiss and still had lingering fears.


Erica said in an exclusive interview with this newspaper: “At that moment on the freeway, the cars were so fast, the cars in front of me suddenly collided with each other, and how loud it was, it was really shocking and terrifying! At that time, I just saw All the windows of the car were exposed to the sun, and some people were injured in the cars in front of them. I was trapped in the tunnel for 3 hours. Fortunately, everyone at home was fine. This is the first time I have personally experienced this. I have experienced many others recently. When people go out to travel, they really need to be careful and pay attention to traffic safety.”

On the way to Shizuoka County, 11 vehicles collided in a row, fortunately Chen Jiahui stopped in time!

On the way to Shizuoka County, 11 vehicles collided in a row, fortunately Chen Jiahui stopped in time!

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