‘Morning Madang’ Jo Young-gu “I want to ask my wife Shin Jae-eun for forgiveness”

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Broadcaster Jo Young-gu said he wants to ask his wife for forgiveness.

KBS1’s’Morning Madang’, which aired on the 31st, talked on the theme of’Habits to Save My Body, Forgiveness’.

Jo Young-gu said, “It is said that I grow older, but I want to ask my wife for forgiveness.” “I couldn’t ask for forgiveness because I had no courage.

Married and fought too much at the beginning of the honeymoon. I didn’t think I was wrong, but because I thought there was a problem with my wife, I drank outside and came in late and tried not to bump into my wife.”

Jo Yeong-gu said, “Because my wife was irritated while giving birth to Jung-woo, I went further. “My wife is struggling with parenting alone, disappointed and hated her husband, and her love for her husband disappeared, and there was an invisible wall, so it was bad to get along.” Jo Young-gu added, “I want to be courageous and ask my wife for forgiveness and live happily in the future.”

Jo Young-gu married Shin Jae-eun, an 11-year-old showhost in 2008, and held his son Jung Woo in his arms the same year.

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