Jandino Asporaat by ‘angels’ at the front of the queue at Schiphol | Stars

entertainment">After Asporaat and his wife and child arrived at Schiphol only one and a half hours in advance due to a forgotten diaper bag for son Nió, there also appeared to be a malfunction during check-in. Jandino was convinced they would not make their flight. But then several things happened. “First angel appears out of nowhere, orange vest, walkie-talkie, short-shaven hair, come along, he says in a calm, low voice. What..?? Via a strange route we are just 4 minutes later at the check-in desk.”

entertainment">Via a ‘2nd angel’ who gave the comedian his telephone number – ‘his jacket said security’ – they were brought to customs via an equally strange shortcut. “But the lines at passport control were also immense. I see that employee looking at me kindly, I think I just ask.” And yes: “Angel No 3: Hey Jandino, you bring so much positivity, that should be rewarded. You and your family walk along. He brings us all the way forward, have a nice flight.”

entertainment">Jandino himself is amazed by this happiness. But he notes that it didn’t stop there. “Angel No 4: I see that there is still 1 business class ticket, do you want an upgrade..?” Jandino then flew business class with their son, while his wife sat in the back with grandma and the kids. He would pay for the upgrade once on board the plane. “3 hours later; apologies Mr Asporaat, we have a malfunction, we cannot pay, you will receive this chair for free.” According to Jandino, they are ‘angels around me’, which means that this happiness falls to him.

entertainment">Many celebrities are only a little happy for him. Someone reacts a bit more critically on his social media with ‘We ordinary people never have this, huh’. But Jandino doesn’t believe that: “I think we just don’t count our blessings.”

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