Jan Thomas: – This is how he responds to the slaughter

When Jan Thomas (53) returned to Norway after living the dream in Hollywood, was the make-up and hair he wore big. The cutting skills have resulted in two salons in Oslo, both with a large celebrity clientele, and the make-up skills have contributed to their own cosmetics brand.

That he too was to become a writer and artist, it may not have been everyone who had envisioned. But he has achieved that, and this week both book and song with the title “I have lived” will be published.

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The former sums up his 53-year-old life, and will be released on September 17. However, the song has already manifested itself on the streaming services, to both joy and anger.

Dagbladet’s reviewer is anything but satisfied, and gives the song a very hard one. The review is summarized with the following hard-hitting phrase:

“To put it that way, Jan Thomas’ attempt to write folk pop makes Gaute Grøtta Grav’s” Crispbread “show appear as a well-proportioned Eggum gem in relationships. It says a lot more about Jan Thomas than Grøtta Grav’s songwriting talent “, writes reviewer Torgrim Øyre.

– I do not know

The review is still not malicious, and is written with humor. The harsh words have in no way passed the celebrity stylist’s house. To Dagbladet, he now responds to the slaughter, which he does not fully understand.

– The newspapers often give very different dice rolls, so it is not easy to be wise. It’s the same as being able to give an outfit a roll of the dice one in See and Hear, while others think it’s a six, he says.

In fierce neighbor quarrel

In fierce neighbor quarrel

Over the years, the 53-year-old has released several songs, all of which have received a lukewarm reception. This time, however, he had hoped it would go a little better, since the song is so personal.

– It’s about my life and is a little sore. I have a children’s choir with me, and the melody is fantastic. In my head, this song is six dice roll. That’s what I have to think, he says, and continues:

– I do not know the reviewer, but maybe he has a different starting point for what good music is than me. I do not know, but the most important thing is that I like it and that it hits someone, he says.

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Side project

The 53-year-old can tell that he has already received messages on Instagram from fans who write that they have started to cry from the song. It is more important than any roll of the dice, the stylist believes.

– If someone gets a lone from me – seen that the outfit is not completely disaster – I tend to say that the most important thing is that you feel nice yourself. And that’s how it is with music, and. This is a song that defines me, and I have every reason to be proud, he explains.

Nevertheless, he is aware that music is not his subject, and can understand that his song is perceived differently. He thinks it would be worse for Hanne Krogh or Sissel Kyrkjebø to get a loner, since they have actually worked as artists all their lives.

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– This is just a small side project for me, so it goes well. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Had he had to review my mascara – then it would probably have quickly become a nuisance, the stylist smiles.

The stylist’s other musical repertoire also includes songs such as «Get Up and Dance». “Honansa, it’s summer” and “I row alone”. The latter song he released together with the above Krogh last year.

He has the benefit of releasing an album, and says that the future will probably be more focused on hair products and make-up rather than hours in the music studio.

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