Jakub Mazůch opens up about his struggle with persistent migraines and finding relief through StarDance

Lubricants he has been suffering from persistent migraines for several years, for which he is under the care of a neurologist. He does not know the days or hours when the crushing pain will strike again.

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“Everything just accumulated together, exhaustion and a lot of responsibilities that I normally have on my shoulders, and I forgot to take care of myself. Before that I also slept 7-8 hours but still the pain kept coming back. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong and if I was going to live like this for the rest of my life,” spoke to Blesk about his ordeal.

Fortunately, the pace established in Stardance perhaps paradoxically helps him. “I moved to Prague in July because of StarDance, and I haven’t had a headache yet. I don’t have so many responsibilities and I started to focus on myself. StarDance is great because I don’t have a headache after several years. I saw a neurologist just before the start to make sure I could last here. Everything is alright,” assures the dancer. We can only hope that the disease has taken over for good.

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2023-12-10 11:00:00
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