Jagr would not be surprised at all if the Czechs played for gold in Beijing

“I’m quite sorry that the NHL players didn’t go, the tournament would be much more interesting and, in my opinion, nicer. On the other hand, I think that, as a result of the Czechia, we have a much better chance of success. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we played a gold game. I believe that this success can come, “says Jágr, according to whom the national team plays better from match to match in Beijing.” Anything can happen in one match of the elimination part, even if the paper’s strongest favorite is against us. in Nagano, “he thinks.

In the Czech Republic, he considers the frequent criticism of national team coaches, regardless of name, to be unfair. “Coaching a national team is completely different from leading a team in a club. I always say it’s like going to bet on sports. You never know what form and cool players will arrive. It’s really awfully hard to do anything with a team during a tournament that’s tough ten days. You can be lucky, of course, but if those players come in bad shape, it’s hard for anyone to do anything about it, “says Jágr.


I used to be a predator, now I’m a herbivore, says Jaromír Jágr, in his fiftiesVideo: Sport.cz

He himself does not want to be a critics. “I will never do it. Above all, I played a lot for the national team, so I know how difficult the sport is and how much the little things decide, which the fans have no idea about. In addition to today’s coronavirus, all this can play a huge role in the overall result, “says Jágr, who says that the Olympic triumph is the most difficult for every national team hockey player.


TK for the 50th birthday of Jaromír Jágr

“I see it for several reasons. It is only played once every four years and you have to be very lucky, everything has to come together and come together at once. The players you have for those few days must be in the best shape. There are many factors that can decide. It is much easier to win the world championship, “compares the prestigious hockey events Jágr.

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