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Jacques Vermeire shows in a playful video how he broke his shoulder | showbiz

It was previously known that the accident took place in a domestic atmosphere. Jacques fell in his garden while he was playing with Sunny, the dog of his daughter Julie. The comedian tripped over the animal and ended up on his right shoulder. Vermeire’s followers, however, were curious about images of the fall itself. And Jacques Vermeire is more than happy to admit that. “For the many questions: ‘How did that actually happen, Jacques’?”, says the comedian in the caption that belongs to the playful video.

Jacques Vermeire also writes the following. “Rehabilitation is going well! Thanks for the many messages. Sunny and I are still the best of friends!” As a result of the fall, Jacques had to cancel his upcoming tour. There were 35 shows, including a few try-outs, spread over the Flemish theater halls. These have since been taken over by Urbanus. “Moving was not an option, because there are no more dates available in the halls. And we should have postponed the tour because of corona,” said Jacques in an earlier interview with Het Laatste Nieuws. “And Urbain wanted to perform, but had a shortage of halls. It was very simple: let him take over my dates and rooms. It’s not a win-win, but canceling was more dramatic to me. At least now Urbain can take advantage of it. And if I grant that to one person, it is him.”

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