Jablonec is sure the group will not be rescued. Complications, the Council knows

The middle group is taboo for them. A battle for salvation awaits them.

“The group below will probably close like this and we will play for being and not being. In our staff, perhaps no one has any experience with this. In a three-point system, there are so many draws to know, “coach Petr Rada points out that 14 draws are simply too many.

Jablonec has been waiting to win eight matches, although he has lost only one spring match, but he remains twelfth.

“Like a spinning top. Fourteenth draw, and that’s not enough. The fifth minute runs, the opponent’s first chance, it fails there and we lose. The disadvantage for us on this terrain, “the coach shakes his head.

The completion of the first half was an unchanged penalty. “I’m not the one to blame Vince Pilar. He believed he was determined, but unfortunately. We made two changes at half-time, we wanted to revive the game, “says Rada.

Photo: Radek Petrášek, ČTK

Jaroslav Zelený from Jablonec.Photo: Radek Petrášek, CTK

As in the match with Hradec Králové, substitute player Davis Ikaunieks managed to score. This time after a few seconds on the field.

“It simply came to our notice then. We then had the upper hand, but the opponent threatened to break. A draw is not enough for us and it is a loss in our situation. We wanted to bounce. We have to mobilize forces for next week, when we play against the reigning champion, “coach Jablonec points out a duel with Slavia.

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