Ivanov refused ministers in Slavi’s cabinet so that there would be no harassment


The leader of “Democratic Bulgaria” defended the journalist Iva Nikolova from the ARC

“Democratic Bulgaria” is ready for talks with Slavi Trifonov’s party “There is such a people” to support the next government, but refuses to ask for posts for its ministers. This became clear from an interview with the co-chairman of the union Hristo Ivanov.

“We have never said that we will support any government. We have said that we will not set preconditions for our participation in it. Moreover. If anything changes now, it will be that we are on the verge of saying that

we will not participate under any circumstances with our representatives,

to exclude this form of pollination. It is about representation and guarantees that some things will be done. And the guarantees that some things will be done and others will not be done always go through people in the end. A specific person must take this guarantee, “Ivanov said on Darik.

After the press conference of ITN, Ivanov published a short statement on Facebook, stating that the DB has 3 key priorities that it will adhere to in the negotiations with the parliamentary forces. This is keeping the MRF away from the government, changing the chief prosecutor and the composition of the SJC. They also want parliamentary investigations of Rosenets, TPP Varna and others.

At the very beginning of the interview, he touched on the topic of what we voted for on July 11 and indirectly – the way in which Filip Stanev from ITN insulted a PIC reporter. “We voted first against anyone being able to

to behave in public as a shepherd.

We argued that someone might think he could insult people who ask him questions in public. I never imagined that I could ever defend someone from the runway who poured out against me, my family, my party all possible types of slop. But that’s not how it’s done, “he said.

Toma Bikov from GERB to Ivanov: Slavi will continue to humiliate you



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