Its share price continues to fall, GOTO will hold accidental public exposure

JAKARTAKOMPAS. comTechnology broadcaster, PT Go to Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GO TO) will hold an incidental public display or public display on Thursday (8/12/2022) tomorrow. This is stated in the document uploaded by GOTO on the information disclosure page of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

In a document authored by GoTo Corporate Secretary Gojek Tokopedia, RA Koesoemohadiani, it was stated that the implementation of public exposure was a follow-up to the IDX request. The request is set out in IDX letter number S-10351/BEI.PP3/12-2022.

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The public display event will be held at 14.00-15.30 WIB where investors can participate via the zoom channel. Besides that, GOTO will also broadcast this public exposure on Gojek Indonesia, Tokopedia and GoTo Financial YouTube channels.

There are two agendas that will be discussed at the public expo, the first being related to the presentation of the company’s operating and financial performance for Q3-2022. So the second order of business is related to the latest corporate information.

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As is well known, GOTO has been in the spotlight of many parties lately. This is related to share prices which have been under pressure in recent weeks.

In fact, since Monday (11/28/2022) of last week, shares of this tech issuer have continued to hit the automatic rejection lower level (ARB) every day. During yesterday’s trading (6/12/2022), GOTO share price corrected by 6.50% to IDR 115.

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Earlier, IDX’s director of corporate valuation, I Gede Nyoman Yetna, said that share price movements reflected market mechanisms.

The stock price movement of a listed company’s stock will be determined if there is an indication of impropriety from the movement of said stock.

The Stock Exchange will follow any inconsistent indications on the movement of the shares, requesting explanations until the suspension of the shares or the cessation of trading in the shares.

“If there are such indications, the Exchange can follow up by filing a request for clarification and even suspension of shares,” he said on Monday (5/12/2022).

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