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It’s official! Shakira announces world tour – Publinews – 2024-04-17 05:20:16

The Colombian singer Shakira shocked her fans by announcing that she will visit several countries as part of her tour. Which will be?

Great expectations and speculations have been generated among his followers about the countries he will include in his tour, and if among them, Guatemala will be included.

The Colombian singer Shakira, one of the most influential stars in world pop, who this Friday officially announced her new world tour for 2024.


The Colombian performer gave this news during her presentation at the Coachella festival with music producer Bizarrap.

During this show, the artist originally from Barranquilla surprised attendees by making the important announcement that comes after she premiered her album ‘Las mujeres ya no Llorn’.

“Good evening, Coachella (…) This is incredible, you don’t know how happy it is to see you […] It’s the best to be here, with you who are my friend. Today I can’t contain myself, I have to tell you something. “Biza, I’m going on tour, Biza, finally!” were the words Shakira, who revealed that she will go on a world tour.

Furthermore, while she was singing at the festival, the phrase appeared: “The wolf is coming…”.

“It’s happening! “I can’t wait to be back on stage partying and celebrating with my wolfpack! ”Shakira expressed on her social networks.

According to the same information that the singer Shakira gave, her tour will begin in the city of California, United States. It is speculated that this first show will take place in November.

Although the complete list of destinations that Shakira will visit has not yet been officially confirmed, the expectation that she will include Guatemala in her world tour is high.

The singer has a large number of admirers in our country, and she left indelible memories in her fans when she performed

The first time she performed in Guatemala was on November 29, 1996. After this presentation, the Colombian has returned to Guatemala on two more occasions in 2000 and 2011.

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