It’s hard to believe, but this imposing Jura waterfall has completely disappeared – Switzerland

The Saut du Doubs in the canton of Neuchâtel is the highest waterfall in the Swiss Jura. Normally the masses of water rush into the depths with a roar. Together with the Lac de Brenets, it is a destination that the Neuchâtel Tourist Office describes as “a breathtaking spectacle”.

“We still have a lot of tourists, but we point out that there is currently no water on the Saut du Doubs,” said Emily Durig of the Lac des Brenets, NLB, the Keystone-SDA news agency on Wednesday. While shipping is already banned on the Doubs in the Jura, it is still possible on the Neuchâtel side of the river.

However, the NLB reckons that if there is not enough rain by then it could have problems in about three weeks.

This is how impressive the waterfall usually looks:


Dried up 10 days earlier than 2018

In September 2018, the Lac des Brenets, formed by the French-Swiss river Doubs, disappeared completely due to the drought that prevailed at the time. According to the French weather station Franche-Comté, the water on the Saut du Doubs dried up ten days earlier than in 2018.


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