It’s been invulnerable to being teased by friends since middle school

The head of the Magetan Regency Sujatno Regency came to Indriana’s former chicken house. Indriana stays in school even though she lives in a former chicken coop and works to find the leftover rice harvested by residents to be able to buy cellphones and data packages to learn online. (Source: KOMPAS.COM/SUKOCO)

MAGETAN, KOMPAS TV – A student Magetan Vocational School 1, East Java, named Indriana Setya Rahayu, claimed to often get ridicule from his friends for living in the former chicken coop in Sumber Sawit Village.

16-year-old woman was known to live in the former chicken coop about a year. Indriana is not alone. He and his mother, Surati and a younger brother lived in the cage.

Indriana said, she had often been teased by her friends since sitting on the bench Middle School.

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Because of being ridiculed too often, Indriana chose to ignore the ridicule. Indriana claimed to have been immune to the ridicule of her friends.

“Often they are mocked for not having a house, they live in a former chicken coop. Now it is invulnerable, “Indriana said as quoted by on Friday (07/08/2020).

From observations, Indriana’s house was only installed with bamboo woven walls. Then, Indriana and her mother put tarpaulin cloth to keep the wind out.

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