‘Italy first’, the radical right Giorgia Meloni wins the elections

Meloni becomes the first female prime minister in Italy ever. But defending women’s rights? It won’t happen anytime soon. She is very conservative. Against abortion, against euthanasia and against homosexual marriages. But for traditional family values ​​(“the natural family”).

He summarizes some of his views in the video below:

Where Fratelli d’Italia (Fratelli d’Italia in Dutch) received only 4% of the votes in previous elections, they are now 22.5 to 26.5% of the votes in the exit poll. A big advantage over the opponents. In second place in the exit poll is the Five Star Movement with 13.5-17.5 percent of the votes.

Electoral promises have been canceled

Until now, those opponents were together in Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s “coalition of national unity”.

The fact that Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy was the only one who disappeared in this government gave her the victory, says RTL News correspondent Anouk Boone. “Meloni was the only one who was able to comment from the outside on the disagreement within the Draghi government. In that period she did not lose credibility. Being in the opposition, she did not ruin her electoral promises like the others”.

In Europe, his victory is viewed with some trepidation. He is very nationalist. First is Italy. The European Union has ridiculed them several times. And it’s tough when it comes to migrants. He spoke of a blockade at sea, where the army must stop the boats of migrants “.

He left with a fascist twist

There is still a fascist touch in Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party. This also has to do with Meloni herself. In her early years she became a member of a neo-fascist movement. And in 1996 you told French television that the fascist Mussolini was “a good politician”. She now dismisses that period and claims as a childhood sin.

Denies having anything to do with fascism. To reassure Europe, you recorded a video in which you distanced yourself from fascism:

Her moderate tone helped her win the election, Boone says. “She Not only could she win elections with radical voters, but she also needed moderate voters.”

And now?

Melons cannot rule alone. He needs coalition partners. These should be Matteo Salvini’s right-wing nationalist League and Forza Italia of – still exists – 85-year-old Silvio Berlusconi. In the polls, the right-wing bloc gets 41 to 45 percent of the vote.

The question is whether this far-right coalition will be stable. This is not expected to be the case, which makes these elections immediately relevant to the rest of Europe. Because Italy is still an EU concern. For example, they have a struggling economy and the second highest public debt in the eurozone.

Italy also suffered greatly from the corona pandemic. It is not for nothing that the country receives the highest figure of all countries from the fund for the recovery of the crown: over 200 billion.

Become more pro-European

The question is whether that money is well spent by someone who is very critical of the European Union. Probably. “Italy really needs the money,” Boone said. “Meloni cannot afford to have anything to do with Europe. Italy is going through a difficult period, with the weak economy and the problems of energy and inflation. Despite its nationalist side, so lately it is speaking more pro-European”.

But to keep the economy going and actually get the crown money, political stability and calm are needed. Coalition parties do not think alike for everything. There are differences on the role of Europe.

While Meloni promises much support for Ukraine, coalition designated partner Salvini is becoming increasingly critical of sanctions against Russia. The right-wing coalition will have to prove that their differences are not insurmountable.

Europe looks forward to what will happen in Italy in the near future. The EU has already considered Prime Minister Meloni, but the key question is whether it can create a stable Italian government. One who, despite sometimes extremely conservative ideas, proves to be a reliable partner.

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