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Italian Marta Bassinová: From Tragedy to Triumph – A Champion’s Journey in Skiing

Her first major success was born in Jasná and continued by winning the titles of world champion and small globe for giant slalom. Although she never surpassed her more successful compatriots in terms of results, she never wanted to be among them. When a serviceman compared her to the animated fish Dora, forgetful and with her head in the clouds, years ago, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

Italian Marta Bassinová will celebrate her jubilee in the March final. It will be exactly ten years that he has been part of the World Cup. She stood on stage for the first time seven years ago. The 2019/2020 season was a breakthrough for her, in which, in addition to the premiere triumph, she also recorded three second and two third places.

In 2021, she improved her performances even more and turned eight starts in the giant slalom into four victories and third place, thereby securing the small crystal globe. Although the year 2022 was weaker, she made up for everything in the next one.

She added the title of world champion in super-G to her collection and extended her personal best when she took 7 podium places in the season and finished third in the giant slalom ranking.

The previous season was not all about success. At the beginning of March last year, Marta Bassinová renounced participation in the Norwegian Kvitfjelle and traveled home. An unexpected tragedy struck her family, the brother of the Italian racer discovered his wife at home without signs of life a day after her birthday. The elite downhill skier took the death of her sister-in-law hard.

The sad end of the season was also reflected on the score sheet. The period of weaker performance stretched until the current season. She waited 20 races for a podium finish, but in the end it became special. In Crans-Montana, Switzerland, she won the downhill for the first time in her career and added a third place in the super-G to her triumph.

After a successful restart of the season, however, after less than a year, she returns to the place she had to leave in a hurry and in pain. In an interview with Corriere, she returned to the unfortunate day and how it affected her. “You can make your own decisions, but life can disrupt any plan in an instant. So one must have a plan, but it is good to live day by day. And after my experience…”

For Marta Bassinová, family comes first even when it comes to life’s achievements. “My biggest dream is to have my own family, to be a mother and try to imitate as much as possible my mother and grandmother, women who are really important to me,” she stated for Sciare Magazine.

The downhill skier has many common values ​​and activities with them, one of them is helping the sick in a French town. “I haven’t been there for a while. But Lourdes is a place that gives me a sense of peace and spirituality.”

Although she has been skiing since she was very young, she is not a fan of winter. She doesn’t like cold weather at all and dreams of the Caribbean in the corner of her soul at sub-zero temperatures. “I have to live with it, I suffer from it: the heat and the sea are something completely different.”

Nevertheless, she does not regret that of all the sports she was involved in, she preferred skiing. “I love my sport, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. But living so much in the snow, I run away whenever I can.’

In Norwegian Kvitfjelle, two timed training sessions will take place on Thursday and Friday, a downhill is on the program on Saturday and a super-G on Sunday.

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