It would be unwise for the US to include Ukraine in NATO


Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said it would not be wise for America to include Ukraine in NATO. PHOTOS / REUTERS

WASHINGTON Washington’s attempts to include Ukraine in NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union were not wise. This was announced by former Secretary of State of the United States (USA) Henry Kissinger.

Speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations, an agency think tank The nonpartisan United States, the 99-year veteran diplomat, argues that Washington indiscriminately sought to include all former Soviet bloc members under its umbrella after the fall of the Berlin Wall. “And that the whole area between central Europe and the Russian border becomes open to restructuring,” he said.

“From Russia’s point of view, the United States therefore seeks to integrate the entire region, without exception, into the US-led strategic system,” he said, adding that this development has essentially removed Russia’s historic “seat belt”. .

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“It is not wise American policy to try to include Ukraine in NATO,” he said Russia todaySaturday (1/10/2022).

However, he does not believe that this justifies the attempts by Russian President Vladimir Putin to reintroduce Ukraine into Moscow’s sphere of influence with a “surprise attack”.

Kissinger said he did not know if it would be possible to make peace with the Russian leader, but stressed that the West should seek opportunities for agreements that guarantee Ukraine’s freedom and keep the state out of the European system.

Furthermore, Kissinger argues that, on the one hand, Russia has already lost the war because its ability to threaten Europe with conventional attacks, which it has enjoyed for decades or even centuries, has now proved outdated.

Nonetheless, the former foreign minister has hinted that sooner or later the West and Russia should dialogue. “A little dialogue, perhaps on an informal level, perhaps in an exploratory way is very important,” he said, adding that “in a nuclear environment” such an outcome is preferable to a decision on the battlefield.


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