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It works better than expected! RAISO reveals 6 facts after the COVID vaccination – post today general society

It works better than expected! AVC reveals 6 truths after the COVID vaccination

On February 21, 2021 at 5:31 p.m.

VAC reveals 6 truths after over 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccination worldwide The efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of the vaccine were better than expected.

On February 21, 64, Professor Dr. Sirirerk Songsivilai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Wor.) Revealed that when the COVID-19 vaccination Around the world has been more than 200 million doses in 2 months, it has collected detailed data in various dimensions. The results of the actual use of the vaccine were found that “efficacy, effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.” Better than expected “

The key follow-up to when the vaccine was used in more than 200 million people over the course of two months summarized six interesting practical applications:

1. Vaccine efficacy Can stimulate the immune system very well.

People who get the vaccine can build a high level of immunity. Both antibodies and cellular immune responses are detected.

It was originally hoped that the vaccine would be 60-70% effective, which should be sufficient. But the effect from the actual use Better than expected Also, vaccines from each major manufacturer had similar effects.

2. Effectiveness of the vaccine It is very good at preventing the symptoms and severity of the infection.

People who have received the vaccine Most will have no symptoms even after they have been infected. The vaccine can greatly reduce the severity of the disease and reduce mortality. And when injecting sufficient numbers in many countries has resulted in a decrease in the number of hospitalizations. And the number of deaths has decreased markedly

3. Vaccine safety

Following up on injection results in many people, it was found that The used vaccines are very safe. It has quite a few side effects. The most common side effects are pain at the injection site, headache, and anxiety. Or exhaustion Which quickly cured in a few days And no serious side effects were found Severe vaccine allergies are rare, and no deaths from vaccine side effects have been reported.

4. The vaccine can boost immunity quite well after the first shot.

After the first vaccination Will begin to have immunity, which may be high enough to prevent infection to some extent It was also found that prolonging the second injection resulted in a better immune response. Therefore, it may be possible to extend the time between first and second injections. This reduces the burden of accelerating the second injection. This makes it possible to distribute the existing vaccines to cover a larger population.

Instead of speeding up the second dose, the vaccine is administered as a first dose for someone who has not yet been vaccinated. Therefore there will be more people who have already been vaccinated

5.Vaccine durability

Early in vaccine development Try to store and transport the vaccine in an extremely low temperature freezer to prevent degradation. Later it was found that the vaccine could be stored and transported at higher temperatures. Reduces restrictions on specially controlled transportation and distribution This will enable a wider spread of vaccines and accelerate the number of injections.

6. Vaccines are less effective against certain strains of the COVID virus.

COVID-19 virus There are ongoing mutations And there are concerns about the protective effect against the new mutant strains. The vaccine has decreased effectiveness against COVID-19. Some species, especially from South Africa Therefore must prepare to develop vaccines against new strains as well

Data analysis by Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (EGAT)

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