“It was the adrenaline” – The player knocks his opponents unconscious: a mild verdict

The 19-year-old pleaded guilty in court. After the mutual push, “the whole thing then escalated,” the defendant said. “It was the adrenaline.” The kick in the face of the opponent took place “by reflex”. “I didn’t want to intentionally hurt him,” said the young man, who has now finished his football career. He has also completed anti-violence training and is in close contact with his probation officer. However, when the private representative, Nikolaus Rast, asked for more details, it was discovered that the 19-year-old had already done this training in 2021 and had done so during his last personal injury conviction in February 2020, where he was also sentenced to conditional imprisonment by the regional court. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has asked for the suspension of the sentence to be lifted, but now only the probationary period has been extended.

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