It was natural for Kim Kardashian to be seen by her fans!


It was natural for Kim Kardashian to be seen by her fans!  (AFP)

It was natural for Kim Kardashian to be seen by her fans! | .

Kim Kardashian a 40 ans (EFE)

Kim Kardashian a 40 ans | .

The businesswoman is a human rights defender (AFP)

The businesswoman is a human rights defender | .

Kim Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West (AFP)

Kim Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West | .

She is also known as the queen of contouring (AFP)

She is also known as the queen of contouring | .

The businesswoman and influencer Kim Kardashian He shared on his official Instagram account where he appears dressed in his completely natural figure, the photograph has surely impacted more than a million followers on his large account of millions.

Talking about Kim Kardashian can be quite long as she is not only an influencer, but also a recognized businesswoman and socialite, who has left more than one amazed with each of her projects, which are actually quite a few numerous.

The popularity of Kylie Jenner’s older sister started from the moment she started appearing alongside Paris Hilton, subsequently a video was leaked on the internet that her mother Kris Jenner disclosed a leak, so his name started to be more popular.

However, this increased exponentially when they launched their reality show “Following the Kardashians” where he appeared alongside his sisters Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie as well as with his mother, becoming even more famous as his. family, this Each of the members of the reality show took advantage of it at their convenience and became great entrepreneurs and influencers.

For its part Kim Kardashian She has been the most popular in her family for many years, not least because of the scandals she was involved in, some of them were where she naturally appeared, from the time she married Kanye West it has a little changed, because besides being a wife, she also became a mother.

However, she continued to do so, it was in 2018 on October 19 that she shared a photo where she appeared showing her completely natural torso as well as her charms, which she covered a bit with her hands.


Turquoise Tears @kkwbeauty Flashing Lights Shadow and Pigment Collection is available NOW on, ”she shared in her post.

as you know Kim Kardashian It has large companies dedicated to beauty, among which:

Makeup Shapewear Perfumes

Each of its lines is divided into various products of which the socialite makes constant publications in the form of advertising on its official Instagram account where it has more than 196 million followers who know each of its publications.

Enter here and meet Show News on Youtube!

In the photo we see her wearing her loose, slightly wavy hair and what appears to be tears to possibly look like the pigment products she is promoting, in the background we see what looks like a starry sky, the photo itself is a bit cold and dark.,

This is nothing new for the businesswoman who promotes her products on her social networks and who is herself the model, like her sisters who have on several occasions been seen modeling the products they get started, there is no doubt that they support each other a lot, in addition to the fact that several have done so in collaboration.

Funny how men can’t afford a beauty like you never dreamed of, ”wrote one netizen.

Kim Kardashian She has become an icon of beauty, status and influence in fashion, especially for her voluptuous figure, even some models are called “The Kim Kardashian” and the denomination of her origin as Anastasia Kvikto and Joselyn Cano, something that she has also called attention for years is that millions of people also want to look a bit like the businesswoman in order to undergo cosmetic adjustments to look a bit like her.

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