It was an art, he saw balloons. A drunk young man in Liberec ended up with a broken head

The police and police were called to the square on Saturday around half past four in the morning by a witness who saw a man lying in a pool of blood.

“A twenty-five-year-old young man allegedly mistakenly mistaken glass bubbles for balloons, ran against the work and hit him with his head. During this impact, three bubbles were damaged and the young man fell to the ground, where he remained lying, “said police spokeswoman Dagmar Sochorová on Wednesday.

The ambulance transported the injured to the hospital. Even before that, the police inhaled 1.83 per mille of alcohol.

Police are still investigating the case, but have not yet determined its qualification. They have also not yet specified the damage.

The sublimate of the artist Jiří Pačinek is made of 950 kilograms of iron and 680 kilograms of blue glass, which was ceremoniously unveiled in Liberec on September 3. The sculpture is about four meters high and consists of about 300 parts. The sculpture should remain on the corner of the Liberec town hall until the end of August next year.

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