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It was already cheap. Thermomix will become more expensive

They have gained importance in recent years intelligent kitchen robots. First, the path was paved by Thermomix TM5, and later the market was dominated by its successor, the TM6 model. The devices were not cheap from the beginning and it did not take long for imitators and cheaper alternatives to appear. But soon the popular Thermomix will cost even more.

Thermomix is ​​getting more expensive. Lower price only until the end of the year

The information we have obtained shows that aktualna cena Thermomixa TM6 will only last until the end of this year. Popular since January the food processor will be PLN 460 more expensive. Unfortunately, the increase in the amount is not due to any new addition. It is worth recalling that the current price of the device is PLN 5,995.

Thermomix is ​​very popular in Poland. In 2022 itself, it was sold on our market over 246,000 units of the device, which gives over 20,000 models purchased per month and approximately 676 every day. How will price increases affect sales next year?

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2023-11-28 14:02:09
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