It turns out that talking while wearing a face mask can invite acne

JAKARTA – When wearing face mask, the skin will become tight and difficult to speak. Try to be patient, because it turns out that talking a lot while wearing a mask can cause acne.

According to a skin and genital specialist from the University of Indonesia, dr. Susie Rendra, Sp.KK, FINSDV, reduced talking while wearing a mask can prevent acne.

He explained, the more often you talk, the more air you breathe out and causes the facial area to heat up. As a result, there is a feeling of stuffiness, sweat inside the mask and this is the trigger for acne in the area covered by the mask.

“Stop talking (talking) because the more you talk, the more water vapor you produce, the hotter it gets, the more stuffy it gets inside the mask, so the risk of acne increases,” said dr. Susie Rendra in a discussion with the media, quoted Friday.

Maskne or pimples that appear in the area covered by the mask are generally shaped like pimples in general, which are reddish, swollen to pus.

In addition to this problem, there is also seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff eczema which can also be triggered by stuffy and sweaty conditions around the mask. Symptoms that can be experienced are redness, rash around the mouth, nose and in severe cases it can affect other areas.

In order not to be exposed to these two problems, in addition to reducing speech, you also need to regularly change your mask, which is every 3-4 hours. According to Susie, after 3-4 hours the inside of the mask tends to be filled with a lot of moisture from breathing, which in addition reduces its effectiveness, it also triggers the appearance of acne due to the stuffy conditions around the mask.

Another thing that is no less important is to wash your face regularly before wearing a new mask.

“To reduce masks and seborrheic skin, wash your face before changing to a new mask to reduce sweat, dead skin that accumulates during the use of masks. I prefer patients to wash their faces with normal temperature water,” said Susie.

You should also not wear excessive makeup when wearing face mask, because the thicker the makeup, the hotter the area covered by the mask and the greater the risk of acne.



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