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It seems to me that it was not fair today, said the Liberec goalkeeper about the match with Sparta

Petr Kváča, one of the greatest heroes of the fifth match of the semifinals of the hockey extra league, left the ice of the O2 arena with today’s great defeat 2: 3 in the second overtime with a feeling of very great frustration.

The Liberec goalkeeper managed to catch 36 spartan shots, but the White Tigers did not succeed in the second attempt even to complete the desired progress to the final. The North Bohemians are only one step ahead.

“I feel like I have an older brother who has a birthday today, and I’m oppressed because that day is his. The reason is that it doesn’t seem fair to me today. But unfortunately hockey is like that, too.” Kváča said in an online interview with journalists.

Shortly before the decisive goal, he was lucky when he pushed Vladimír Sobotka’s shot with his shoulder to the post. Although some of the home players celebrated, the referees did not show a goal sign. And it was played with a certain amount of uncertainty. Michal Řepík flows into the goal.

“I kicked it off with my shoulder, I heard the stick and thought it was a goal, but it wasn’t when I saw the referee spread. Then someone fired from the blue, it went over, but at the crossbar level it was the home player’s flow. Great goal for Sparta, “Kváča praised.

The 23-year-old goalkeeper remained in the goal area, arguing with the referees and, out of anger, cut off the fence with a goalie stick. He did not seem to agree with their opinion and complained that Řepík’s stick was too high, because no one attacked him in the goal area at all. After the match, however, he explained what was his main frustration.

“All the honor of the way it flowed, it was super well-matched and hat down, as he did,” he appreciated Řepík’s flow. “I mean the situations before, if anyone looked at it, they’ll take a picture of themselves,” Kváča replied to the question of what made him so crazy.

“But I won’t say anything about any explicitly specific situation, because it’s still boiling in me. It’s just a heated match, but we’re moving on, the series isn’t over yet, we’re still leading 3: 2 and we’re going to try to finish it at home. We have to knock out and from tomorrow to go on again and again, “Kváča emphasized.

Although it is still true that his team can afford one more stumble, while the Spartans cannot, the lead in the 3: 2 series instead of the 3: 0 state, which no one has managed to turn around in the Czech Republic in the playoffs, is still shifting some pressure Tigers.

“Look at Sparta and look at us. It’s hard, but the opportunity is still there and we have to fight it. Sparta is fighting it too. It’s a great series, great matches. We’re still leading, we have to go “Match by match, fight and try to end it. If someone gave us such an opportunity, why not use it,” said Kváča.

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