It may cause what is known as “bone decay”.. What is a skin ulcer?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Did you know that skin ulcers may cause what is known as “bone decay”?

In a video posted on Twitter, the official account of the Egyptian Ministry of Health defined skin ulcers as the loss of skin in a specific area, and the appearance of the superficial skin layer.

The skin ulcer is not only measured by its depth, but also by the amount of blood that reaches it, and the amount of bacterial microbes it carries inside, according to the video.

The lack of blood reaching the area delays the ability of the ulcer to heal.

And when the three factors mentioned above come together, the skin ulcer may penetrate until it reaches the bones, causing what is known as “bone decay.”

This erosion causes the bone to lose its vitality as a result of the bacterial pus that affects it, causing a condition called osteomyelitis.

In the event that the patient does not respond to antibiotics, there may be a need to remove the infected bone, that is, to perform an amputation.

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