“It is not seen under any circumstances”

According to latest report from the Ministry of Health, Chile added 4,216 new cases of coronavirus, so that the country, in total, registers more than 271 thousand infections. According to the authorities, the daily figures have shown a “slight improvement”However, they have insisted that work must continue to slow the advance of the pandemic.

Regarding the advance of COVID-19, Jorge Perez, researcher at the Millennium Institute Fundamentals of Data, asserts that while there is indeed a decrease in the number of daily cases, the decrease comes hand in hand with less testing.

“It is not a good way to communicate the situation we are currently in, which is critical. It is very bad, ”she sentenced in an interview with. CNN Chile, arguing that the Opportunity to expand data sources is already lost.

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He also indicated that despite the fact that it is positive that the DEIS figures are incorporated, the authority continues to count around five thousand deaths, being that he He estimates that there are at least 300 additional deaths that the authority is not counting.

“We have underrepresented infections, underrepresented assets, we do not have access to good data, we cannot make good calculations. We are blind and have been for several months, “criticized Pérez.

“I have a hard time seeing the slack. It’s all busy. No improvement is seen. The curve grows, grows and grows. There is no slight improvement under any circumstances ”, Hill.

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