It is known for what amount Linda Mūrniece is ready to sell her apartment in Riga

As already Mūrniece told the magazine “Kas Jauns” in May, she wants to get rid of big credit and feeling that “you don’t really need such a luxurious home at all”.

“On the contrary, I want something simpler and no longer a design apartment in the center of Riga. “I don’t always find a way to earn and provide for myself. It’s about attitude, and my attitude is that it’s enough to feed the banks,” says Linda Mūrniece, adding that someone else’s apartment may be for sale. will be exactly what I have long dreamed of and can afford: “Just like it was for me two years ago!” says the entrepreneur, who previously admitted that he once moved to a new home after the divorce from the doctor and politician Hosama Abu Meri, because he realized that he no longer wanted to live where he was with an unfaithful husband.

Related news

If LInda revealed to the magazine “Kas Jauns” a month ago that she wants to receive 260 thousand euros for an apartment, now its price has slightly decreased. “It was a beautiful few years here. We want to be beautiful again, but elsewhere,” Mūrniece wrote on Facebook, publishing an advertisement that shows that she wants to sell a 129.5 square meter five-room apartment on the fourth floor for 240 thousand euros.

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