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It is a pity.! Lampard reveals he tried to sign Haaland while he was at Chelsea

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard regrets Erling Haaland was a target for him to shoot when he controlled Chelsea’s army

Director Frank Lampard Everton Popular Premier League teams He came out to reveal that He once tried to sign Manchester City striker Erling Haaland in the form of a hot form of rivals in the same league. Since he was in charge of Chelsea and saw his pre-season shine with Salzburg, but it was not possible to pull him off successfully

However, the “Toffee Blue” team has an agenda to take on the army. The agency of “The Blues” Haaland on Saturday. By the way, this time the Norwegian striker scored a total of 20 goals in 14 Premier League games.

from Lampard who has to manage the team to meet the army The Blue Sail Law” with Haaland as the main competitor made him say “Haaland is a great player. And he is a star player who performs at the highest level in the league I was managing the team and I met him in pre-season, when he was playing for Salzburg I tried to sign him at Chelsea but I didn’t succeed.

It was obvious what this guy was like from the pre-season match against us. He deserved it. we have to meet him. And I respect people who are at the top of the industry. I watched the World Cup final with Mbappe and Messi. And Haaland managed to reach that level at an early age.

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