It has been established that the symptoms of menopause can be overcome without hormones. Reedus

Non-hormonal therapy for the treatment of hot flashes and other symptoms associated with menopause was found to be effective in a study conducted by a team of scientists from Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States. A drug called fesolinetant eliminates hot flashes and night sweats, which about 80% of women complain about after menopause.

The vasomotor symptoms that occur during menopause interfere with sleep, concentration, personal relationships, and even contribute to memory impairment. Often they provoke the onset of depression, a woman becomes irritable, worries more often, gets tired faster.

In a study published in the journal Menopause, scientists analyzed the condition of 352 women with moderate to severe symptoms of menopause for 12 weeks. Some of them received fesolinetant in different dosages, while others received only placebo.

As a result, more than 80% of women taking fesolinetant reported a reduction in symptoms. More than half of them said their symptoms had decreased by 90 percent or disappeared altogether.

To provide the best care, an effective alternative to estrogen is needed for treating hot flashes. [Фезолинетант показал] an extremely successful outcome that promises relief to millions of women, – says Nanette Santoro, one of the authors of the work.

Earlier, “Reedus” said why women are more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease.

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