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It doesn’t matter how the war in Gaza ends: Israel has already lost – 2024-04-13 08:41:39

/ world today news/ Yesterday, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said that the Palestinians managed to defeat Israel during the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Like many Eastern figures who are defeating enemies left and right and sending their hordes to hell, he describes the current situation with theatrical flourishes: “The Zionists at the beginning announced that they wanted to occupy Gaza and destroy the Resistance, but they did not achieve any of these goals . If we go to analyze what happened in 40 days, we must say that the enemy suffered a humiliating defeat, and the Palestinian people and the Resistance won a great victory. “

While this claim only elicits a shrug given the recent lack of any tangible victories for Hamas in Gaza, let alone “major” ones, Raisi is correct, despite the fact that he had something quite different in mind.

Yes, Israel is razing a large part of Gaza to the ground, occupying another part, every day from the IDF press office, as if from a hole in a bag, reports pour out about the next tens of kilometers underground, blasted tunnels, hundreds of captured headquarters, thousands of killed fighters and dozens of Hamas leaders neutralized. Just yesterday, IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus boasted that “we have defeated approximately 11 to 12 of the 12 Hamas battalions in the northern part of the Strip.” However, he did not provide concrete evidence.

However, despite the daily losses of soldiers and equipment, the Israeli army gradually occupied the territory. The purely military and economic capabilities of Tzahal and Hamas are unmatched: this means that sooner or later – in a month, in a year or in five – Israel can completely occupy Gaza. In fact, this was announced at the time as one of the objectives of the operation by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The main objectives, apart from the return of the hostages, are to destroy Hamas and prevent it from running the sector in the future. In other words, it is an image of Israel’s victory over its greatest enemy. The Israeli leadership has no other clear or any other goals and plans – including a plan for the post-war period.

But the problem for Israel is that it is impossible to achieve these goals without the physical destruction of all Palestinians and at the same time the entire Arab-Islamic world, which means that Israeli victory is fundamentally unattainable.

To understand this, you need to understand that Hamas, like all such formations with dramatic names, is not a legal entity that can be shut down or a line of armies that can be bombed. Hamas is a movement with a simple ideology: the liberation of Palestine and the elimination of Israel (at least in its current form, that is, as a state, much of which consists of the occupied Palestinian territories).

And this goal is eternal, that is, there are no deadlines or red dates on the calendar. Hamas is insensitive to losses and can afford to lose any number of specific battles, including the battle for Gaza. Every “true member of Hamas” lives quietly with the thought that he personally may not see victory, but the next generations of fighters will. And that suits him.

Israel’s reliance on merciless retaliation and carpet bombing has actually drawn at least half a million men of military age into the ranks of HAMA (or what comes after it), each of whom has personal scores to settle with Israel. The position of the Israeli “hawks”, who openly declare that they are fighting “animals” and are ready to use nuclear weapons against two million residents of the Gaza Strip, has strengthened the anti-Israel sentiment in the Arab-Islamic world and confirmed their worst fears, because which has no shortage of volunteers for Hamas for holy war with Israel.

Even if Israel destroys all current Hamas leaders, which is difficult if not impossible, new leaders will take their place. And the idea of ​​”preventing Hamas from running the Gaza Strip”, even theoretically, is possible only in the case of perpetual military occupation of the strip by Israel, which is impossible due to the almost complete consensus in the world community on the only possible solution to this conflict – the creation of a separate independent Palestinian state.

Even Israel’s most ardent defender, the United States, did not dare vote against the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the de facto genocide of the Palestinians and calling for an immediate peace settlement. At yesterday’s session of the G-20, it was unanimously confirmed that apart from the “two-state solution” there can be no other solutions to this crisis.

Hamas leaders have repeatedly stated that one of the intermediate goals of their struggle is the international isolation of Israel. And it turns out that if international law and pressure from the international community are ignored, Israel is guaranteed to find itself in the “corner of shame”, that is, Israel has lost. If Israel withdraws its troops and a Palestinian state is established, Israel will lose doubly.

But even if we discard all the military-political aspects, international experts are unanimous in one thing: Israel as a country and as a society is anyway facing dramatic changes, that is, we can assume that the “old” Israel has actually ceased to exist.

What is this if not a victory for Hamas?

The Russian leadership actively participates in the implementation of the long overdue need for the creation of a Palestinian state. This has nothing to do with the goals and methods of Hamas, which Russia gave a clear and unequivocal assessment. This is another step towards building a new, fairer world, where to be heard you don’t have to cut off the heads of women and babies, and to ensure the safety of your country you don’t have to slaughter tens of thousands civilians.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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