It could be our first glimpse of the bezel-less TV that Samsung will unveil at CES 2020 – BGR

Yesterday we told you about new models of HD TVs that Samsung will bring to CES 2020 in a few days, reinforcing the leadership that Samsung has forged in terms of first-rate image quality that few TV manufacturers have been able to match. . in recent years. And where Samsung’s experiences with 3D TV and curved OLED panels never really caught fire, the company hopes to be more fortunate this year with the introduction of something quite intriguing – a new TV at ” zero bezel ”, and this may well be our first look below.

The glasses have certainly become quite thin on current HDTV models, but the German site 4KFilme has released what it says are leaked renderings showing how Samsung is preparing to completely get rid of these thin glasses.

The site notes that Samsung is teasing these new models of 8K televisions with the slogan Discover the power of a future across all borders, ”according to a site translation into German.

Image Source: Samsung / 4KFilme

According to a report by SamMobile, which claims that this design will only be present on 65-inch and larger models, Samsung is able to achieve this by “soldering the display panel and the TV body” – a design achievement that we are delighted to see in the light of all the gadgets with which the TV manufacturers have tried to get by in recent years. Things like 3D TVs, as we noted above, and more.

Although it is not the first time that a company has marketed televisions without a bezel, these models still have a visible bezel, albeit a super thin one. These new Samsung models, however – although we don’t know much about them at this point, like a release schedule or pricing plan, we’re still anxious to see what Samsung got out here and how immersive point the image on these screens looks like when they are introduced to CES. By the way, this Tuesday, and the annual Las Vegas technical conference will take place on Friday, January 10.

Image source: Lee Jin-man / AP / Shutterstock

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