Ice hockey: Capitals light fireworks at the New Year

The Czechs finished the guests from Upper Austria with 7: 2 thanks to a strong final section and thus overtook the third-placed KAC in the table. The defending champion had to admit defeating the Moser Medical Graz 99ers 2: 3 after a penalty shootout in a highly competitive match. In the table cellar, the Dornbirn Bulldogs were able to celebrate their third win en suite with a 2-0 home win over the TWK Innsbruck Haie.

Red Bull Salzburg, on the other hand, had difficulty defending their lead in front of the Vienna Capitals. The “Bulls” avoided a defeat after regular time against HC Bozen thanks to the first EBEL hit by 18-year-old German Filip Varejcka, thus retiring their top position. After a goalless extension, Salzburg had to admit defeat by 1: 2 in the penalty shootout, but remain one point ahead of the first in the table.

Game scene of the EBEL game HCB South Tyrol against EC Red Bull Salzburg

GEPA / Amir Beganovic

Salzburg (Wed.) saved his place at the top of the table with difficulty in Bozen

Sloping plains in Vienna and Znojmo

The one-sided performance in Vienna-Kagran between the Capitals and Fehervar was decided after only ten minutes. Ali Wukovits with his first career double pack (4th, 8th) and Ty Loney (1st, 10th / PP) quickly ensured clear conditions against the harmless Hungarians, later the caps put on another double from Brenden Kichton (24th / SH, 33.) as well as Mike Zalewski (43.) and Riley Holzapfel (57.) after.

The upcoming caps opponent Linz, who is still in crisis, has to prepare for a very difficult game on Friday in front of their own audience. Two days after Linz’s negative run with the 4: 3 n.V. had interrupted in Szekesfehervar, Tom Rowe’s troops left Znojmo on New Year’s Day 2-7 with a proper “waddle” off the ice. After two thirds it was still 0-2 from Linz’s point of view, but in the last section the guests scored five goals.

The Linz goals by Dragan Umicevic (54.) and Brian Lebler (58.) for 1: 6 and 2: 7 came much too late and could not prevent the fifth loss in the last six games. The Czechs also decided the fourth season duel with Linz in their favor. In addition, Upper Austria run the risk of missing fifth place and the direct play-off move-in.

Setzinger sinks ex club

Master KAC fared similarly to Salzburg. The “red jackets” were beaten 2: 3 by the Graz99ers in penalty shootout and thus slipped two points behind Znojmo in fourth place. Graz, for which long-time team player Oliver Setzinger used the decisive penalty against his former employer, scored in the seventh game in a row and thus saved the chance for direct play-off qualification. In fifth place there are currently five points missing.

Erste Bank Ice Hockey League


Vienna Capitals – Fehervar 8: 2

(4: 0 2: 1 2: 1)

Vienna, 4,950

Goals: Loney (1., 10./PP), Wukovits (4., 8.), Kichton (24./SH, 33.), Zalewski (43.), Holzapfel (57.) and Girard (33. ), Campbell (50th)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 10

Znojmo – Linz 7-2

(2: 0 0: 0 5: 2)

Znojmo, 2,914

Goals: Luciani (3.), Svoboda (19.), Boruta (43.), Berisha (50.), McRae (49., 54., 56.) and Umicevic (54.), Lebler (58.)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 10

Graz – KAC 3: 2 n.P.

(0: 1 2: 0 0: 1/0: 0/1: 0)

Graz, 4,126

Goals: Oberkofler (34.), Dodero (40.), Setzinger (decisive penalty) or Geier (16./PP), Bischofberger (43./PP)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 6

Dornbirn – Innsbruck 2-0

(0: 0 1: 0 1: 0)

Dornbirn, 3,040

Goals: Romig (31./PP), Körkkö (44.)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 4

Bolzano – Salzburg 2: 1 n.p.

(1: 0 0: 0 0: 1/0: 0/1: 0)

Bolzano, 3,600

Goals: Deluca (4th), Alberga (decisive penalty) and Varejcka (44th)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 10

Basic passage table

* Win after extra time / penalty shootout (two points)
** Defeat after extra time / penalty shootout (one point)

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