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Issanone to Compete with Tai Tzu Ying Again in Paris Olympics: Latest Updates and Rankings

Issanone is confirmed to compete in the Five Rings Hall for the fourth time, and is expected to compete with Tai Tzu Ying again in the Paris Olympics. (composite of data photos)

Tian Zhaowei/Verification Editor

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Thailand’s No. 1 sister Issanone won her first championship of the season yesterday after sealing the Spanish Masters of the Super 300 series. Her world ranking will jump up three places to 11th, and her ticket to the Paris Olympics will be confirmed. 4th expedition to the Five Rings Palace.

There is no change in the top ten of the women’s singles world rankings this week. Taiwan’s “Dr. Dai” Tai Tzu-ying currently ranks third in the world with 97,036 points. South Korean queen An Xiying ranks first in the women’s singles with 112,314 points. China’s first sister Chen Yufei ranks first with 100,796 points. Ranked 2nd, Japan’s Yamaguchi Akane is still ranked 4th, 5th to 10th are Spain’s Marin, China’s He Bingjiao, Han Yue, Indonesia’s Dong Zong, China’s Wang Zhiyi and Chinese-American Zhang Beiwen.

As for the 11th place in the women’s singles, there was a substitution. Issanone jumped from 14th to 11th. India’s Xindu, Japan’s Aya Ohhori and South Korea’s Kim Ga-eun all fell one place. Reform, who won the Spanish Masters runner-up, Supanida Katethong, ranked 16th, surpassed Nozomi Okuhara of Japan, and is expected to grab Thailand’s second ticket in the women’s singles event.

In addition, in terms of the Paris Olympics standings, Tai Tzu Ying ranks 4th with 92,736 points and has already locked up her Olympic ticket. Issanone has also risen to 11th, and Jin Jiaen, who is 13th, has confirmed her qualifications to participate in the Paris Olympics. South Korea is in The women’s singles event received a full 2 ​​tickets.

It is worth mentioning that Dai Ziying is expected to have a classic showdown with Issanone again at the Paris Olympics. Dai Ziying came from behind in the women’s singles quarterfinals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with 14:21, 21:18, and 21:18. , reversed course and defeated the strong enemy Issanone, advanced to the Olympic semi-finals for the first time in his career, and finally won the first Olympic silver medal in his career. Tai Tzu Ying and Issanone both struggled to save the ball and fell to the ground after taking multiple shots, which became one of the most classic scenes in the Tokyo Olympics. The fighting spirit of the two touched many fans. Even after losing the game, Issanone still supported Xiao Dai, showing his sportsmanlike demeanor and at the same time letting people witness the good friendship between the two.

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