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Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s Diplomatic Visit to the United States and Meeting with President Joe Biden

The Israeli president leaves this Monday evening July 17 for the United States. A diplomatic visit, during which he will be received by US President Joe Biden. Despite his purely ceremonial role, Isaac Herzog now appears as a privileged interlocutor of the White House. Because between the American administration and the Israeli government, there is frying on the line. But the American president has just sent a clear signal of appeasement.

Published on: 07/17/2023 – 20:07

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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Boukhelifa

Since his return to the head of government at the end of December, Benyamin Netanyahu was still waiting for his invitation to the White House.

Between the two allied countries, it is in principle the tradition: as soon as an Israeli Prime Minister arrives at business, he is received in stride in Washington.

But the American administration had chosen to deviate from this rule with the return of Mr. Netanyahu to the post of Prime Minister. And assumed his decision so far: No short-term invitations are expected “Politely, but firmly, Joe Biden said last spring.

The White House preferred to turn to the Israeli president, a convinced democrat. This is also the second time he has been received in Washington, in nine months.

The American president nevertheless launched, we learned on Monday, an invitation to the head of the Israeli government. For a ” meeting soon in the United States “, specifies the office of Benjamin Netanyahu, which specifies that “ the Prime Minister accepted the invitation ».

Binyamin Netanyahu’s office has been trying to downplay the chill in bilateral relations lately. ” It is not a secret, we have disagreements with the Americans, concerning the creation of a Palestinian State, and concerning Iranian nuclear power. But the ties between Israel and the United States have only grown stronger, over the years “, detailed a press release.

In addition to Israeli colonization in the Palestinian Territories, Washington is also concerned about the reform of justice, considered anti-democratic by many Israelis, but desired by Benyamin Netanyahu and his government of religious and extreme right.

Last week, the daily The New York Times asserted that the American administration was in the process of “ reassess its relationship with the Israeli government “. The White House issued a clarification, but did not formally deny it.

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