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Israeli Attack Kills Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon: Escalating Tensions in Middle East

CNN Indonesia

Monday, 08 Jan 2024 21:02 IWST

Hezbollah commander in Lebanon Wissam Hassan Tawil who was killed by Israeli troops. (AFP/-)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The team Israel launched an indiscriminate attack on Lebanon and killed the commander of the militia in the southern state, Hezbollah, on Monday (8/1).

Hezbollah confirmed that one of their commanders was killed as a result of the Israeli attack.

They identified the dead “commander” as Wissam Hassan Tawil.

Hezbollah also said Tawil was killed “on the road to Jerusalem.”

Regarding the attack, Lebanese security officials also spoke out.

“[Tawil] was killed in an Israeli attack that targeted his car in the south,” he said.

The official added that Tawil holds an important position in Hizbullh.

“He had a major role in organizing Hezbollah operations in the south,” the official said.

The attack on Tawil took place after a Hamas deputy leader was killed in Beirut last week.

A number of parties believe that the murder could trigger a wider escalation.

The murder of two leaders of the resistance group also occurred when Israel launched aggression against Palestine since October 7.

Since then, Israel has pounded Gaza hard. They also attacked residents and civilian objects such as hospitals and refugee camps.

To date, the death toll in Palestine due to Israeli attacks has reached more than 23,000 people.

At the beginning of the Israeli operation, Hezbollah also attacked the Zionist state. They claim they will help Hamas until Israeli troops stop aggression.


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