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Israel Hits Back at UN for Criticizing Fight against Hamas and Demands Secretary General’s Resignation

Tel Aviv/United Nations: Israel hits back at United Nations for criticizing the fight against Hamas. The UN made a unilateral statement. Antonio Guterres, who is a disgrace to the post of Secretary General, has been demanded to resign. In protest, the U.N. Israel’s warning that the under secretary was denied visit permission and will continue the same approach in the future. Guterres also came out yesterday with an explanation that he did not justify the attack by Hamas and that some sentences in the speech were taken out and made controversial.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ speech at the UN Security Council on the 24th angered Israel. The words were that the attack by Hamas did not come out of a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been struggling for 56 years through occupation. Their land was taken over by others. They were overwhelmed by violence. Their economy has stalled. People were displaced. Houses were destroyed. Their hopes for a political solution to this predicament also vanished. However, Guterres said that these concerns of the Palestinian people cannot justify the terrorist attacks of Hamas. Israel responded within hours of the statement. UN for Humanitarian Affairs Under-Secretary General Martin Griffiths was denied permission to visit. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen canceled a scheduled meeting with Guterres. By canceling the visit, Israel sent a clear message that it will not allow excessive interference by the UN.

The objection to Griffiths’ visit was raised by the UN in consultation with the Foreign Office. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, told the media that the leadership had been informed. U.N. Agencies similarly need to constantly bring in new people. Demand may also be rejected in future.

It is no coincidence that Guterres did not come to Israel after the war began. Guterres has asked to speak to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu twice since October 7. Netanyahu refused to accept the call. U.N. Agencies created a false picture of the situation. The next step is to expel such people. The denial of a visa to Griffiths is an indication. Other UN Erdan said that the same will happen to the authorities.

With this, Guterres explained yesterday that the speech he gave at the U.N. was not a one-sided speech. It was shocking that some parts of the statement were ripped out and misinformation was spread. The propaganda is in the form of justifying the terrorist activities of Hamas. This is wrong. He also condemned the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel. Violation of international laws to be followed in war is indicated as sequel. This is what is happening in Gaza as well. Guterres explained that the speech pointed out that no side in armed conflict is above international human rights law. Meanwhile, the resolution demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas was rejected by the UN. US in Security Council opposed. The resolution was brought by 12 countries of the 15-member Security Council. However, the US says that Israel has the right to defend itself. stance The 22-member Arab group of the UN said that Israel is using hunger as a weapon in Gaza. Leaders of Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad met in Lebanon to discuss future plans. Hezbollah chief Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, Islamic Jihad Secretary General Said al-Nakhla, and Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arauri participated in the discussion. The leaders made it clear that they will fight together to win the war.

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