“Israel-Hamas” hostage crisis To a war that will never end

“Dr. Sarawut” points out that the “Israel-Hamas” war is still dragging on. “Netanyahu” cannot stop it because it would be equivalent to a crushing political defeat. The United States still wants it to continue. Identify sustainable solutions It must start with the Palestinians choosing their representatives to build a state.

Date: 30 Nov. 2023 Dr. Sarawut Aree, Director of the Muslim Studies Center Institute of Asian Studies Chulalongkorn University Gave an interview in the program “Khon Khon Kao” broadcast on satellite television station “News One” on the topic “Israel-Hamas hostage crisis To a war that will never end?”

Dr. Sarawut said at one point that This war shows no signs of ending. During the ceasefire There has also been a schism between the parties in the Netanyahu government. There have been threats that if a permanent ceasefire agreement is reached he will withdraw from the coalition. Netanyahu has been under pressure from some in the coalition to continue the war. Meanwhile, Netanyahu There is no will to stop the war now. Because stopping now is equivalent to losing. Netanyahu has always said he wants to eradicate Hamas but has not succeeded. His desire to control all of Gaza has not yet succeeded. wants to rescue hostages using military means But it still wasn’t successful. In particular, there is a case The latter is much less popular. There were rallies calling for him to step down from power. If we stop now, we will suffer a crushing political defeat.

Therefore, the trend will continue to be war. Now negotiating to get as many Israeli hostages as possible. Because the more of those hostages can come out. The more it gets more praise.

Dr. Sarawut also said that the person with the greatest weight in stopping Israel is the United States. Because it is the country that provides the most financial support to Israel in the world. Including weapons But today we must admit that the United States It encourages the war to continue.

Dr. Sarawut also said that today everything after this crisis depends on the Palestinian people. Today the EU said that after the crisis it will appoint the Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, to be the representative of Palestine in the administration of all Palestinian territories to develop them into a state. come But who is the EU? Why did you go ahead and say that person was a representative of Palestine? Why not let the Palestinians choose for themselves who will lead them in building a state?

The real process of solving the Palestine problem Today we must start by choosing a representative for Palestine. Then it will lead to sustainable solutions.

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2023-11-30 17:27:00

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