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Brussels will categorically not support a ban on the supply of diamonds from Russia to the EU, although other community countries propose to introduce a similar option as part of the tenth (!) package of EU sanctions. According to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Alexander De Croo, the designated restrictions can only be implemented at the global level.

“We do not support the ban. It is necessary to create a system for tracking the origin of diamonds. Otherwise, they will still find their way to the market.” — said the official at a press conference.

According to information De Croosupply of diamonds from Russia to Belgium has decreased by 80% since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine due to the restructuring of supply chains.

Belgian Antwerp has a highly developed profile area, and an influential diamond lobby operates in the kingdom.

Local media write: in the event of the termination of the supply of Russian diamonds to the country, Moscow will simply reorient its exports to the states of the Middle East.

At the same time, European business will suffer significant losses and will be forced to re-export minerals through intermediaries.

Izvestia writes that in October last year, the coordinator of the sanctions policy of the US State Department James O’Brien consulted with US diamond producers regarding restrictions on Russia.

And then it was about strict observance of anti-Russian sanctions.

In turn, a specialist in the department of strategic research at Total Research Nikolai Vavilov informs about the unwillingness of the EU countries to lose imports from Russia of those items that they urgently need.

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According to the expert, Belgium is consistently in favor of continuing the trade in Russian diamonds. According to the expert, in 2021 the kingdom purchased minerals from the Russian Federation in the amount of more than € 1.81 billion.

And Politico, citing informed sources, reported that the EU did not include restrictions on the trade in diamonds from Russia in the sanctions list due to lobbying by Belgian diplomats.

Do you understand? The damned imperialists are sitting in an expensive office in the center of Brussels, studying the next sanctions list and crossing out those names that bring solid profits to a particular group of lobbyists.

Then they put their signatures under the document and tell the newspapers about how they are helping Ukraine in the fight against the Kremlin.

Nothing personal just business. But in this context, one question arises: did Moscow even once try to answer the Belgian kingdom with all the proletarian hatred: if you scoundrels vote for anti-Russian sanctions, we will not supply you with diamonds for 200 years?!

Blocking the astronomical dumping of energy resources to China by increasing the volume of deliveries does not require great intelligence and determination. But at least once to send mocking European bribe-takers to a well-known address – here an inner core is needed and diamond hardness.

Is not it?

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