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ISEN, the security of quality university education in Cartagena | Radio Cartagena

Cartagena has a Faculty attached to the University of Murcia, a university center that provides a wide range of teachings, with a prestigious staff of teachers and modern facilities located in the historic building of what was the Naval Museum.

One of the questions that many parents ask themselves for the next year is to what extent teaching is guaranteed if there were a situation similar to that of this year, given that it must be developed by promoting maximum academic achievement and the greatest guarantees in the evaluation procedures. All this without forgetting that the health guidelines issued by the authorities must be scrupulously observed.

In this sense, its General Director, Luis Cruz Miravet affirms that “at ISEN we are prepared to guarantee the academic security and health security of our university community. Academic security because we are endowed with the ability to teach tele-training, and students have their teachers, their schedules, and the guarantee that academic teaching activity will be taught regularly and with the normality that the situation allows us, even in the in case there was a new confinement ”.

And on health and prevention aspects in the event of any eventuality, he points out: “We also guarantee health security because at ISEN we fully comply with the defined contingency plan and all the instructions established by the health authorities.”


ISEN Centro Universitario is a faculty attached to the University of Murcia located in the city of Cartagena, from where it has developed, for more than 40 years, its university activity, specialized in the area of ​​social sciences.

The academic institution works on the creation, development and transfer of knowledge, convinced that training is the backbone of any society, and providing its students with a solid training that allows them to stand out and function responsibly, ethically, and willingly to excel. , critical spirit and freedom, which gives them a preeminent position in the face of their employability, another of the great precepts of ISEN.

ISEN Cartagena .. / ISEN Cartagena.

Among the objectives defined in its 2020/2023 Strategic Plan, the aim of increasing its internationalization stands out, promoting its relations with university institutions in Central Europe, Latin America, the Maghreb and China, and favoring the exchange and stays of teachers and students, together with its digital transformation, but not understood as a tool or as a teaching channel, but with the aspiration of leading the irreversible process of digitization, which implies cultural and organizational changes, and permanently improving and updating the digital skills of all students and teachers.


The next academic year, 2020/2021, ISEN expands its academic offer with degrees that stand out for expanding the employability of its graduates: Double Degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, a program designed so that students can simultaneously study the two university degrees in Education, benefiting, once they have graduated, from being able to work in the Infant and Primary stages, thereby multiplying their professional and employment opportunities, public or private.

Also in the field of Education, the University Degree in Bilingual Primary Education in English, of which it should also be noted that these are university studies with a high employment rate, as a result of the fact that in recent years the number of centers that apply integrated content and foreign language learning programs has exploded, that is, that They use English to teach other subjects in the school curriculum.

The Double Degree in Criminology and Security, which is taught jointly with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, being ISEN responsible for the subjects of the University Degree in Security. The Degree in Security (Public and Private Mentions) is the ideal qualification for those who aspire to be part of the Higher, Executive and Sub-Inspection Scale of the National Police Corps and other security forces. In addition, the Degree qualifies all graduates as Private Detectives and Security Directors. The Degree in Security is taught in the modalities of face-to-face and distance learning.

Security constitutes the basis on which a society can develop and preserve the freedom and prosperity of its citizens, as well as guarantee the stability and proper functioning of its institutions.

The Degree in Security (Public and Private Mentions) of ISEN, organized together with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, is a multidisciplinary degree, in the area of ​​social sciences, which enables the student to analyze, identify and manage the danger and risks, as well as for the planning and implementation of protection and security measures, and the necessary intervention strategies and procedures in each place and circumstance, always for the benefit of people and their rights, organizations and of the society. A degree that qualifies to work in all areas of security: Security Forces and Bodies, industrial and environmental security, intelligence and risk analyst, security in the processes of international expansion of companies, international cooperation, security of the tourism sector, cybersecurity , penitentiary institutions, customs surveillance, judicial officials, civil protection, etc.

What differentiates you as a university institution?

Among the differential features of this university institution, its leaders highlight:

Commitment to students, the university community and society.

Orientation towards professional skills and the exercise of the profession.

Pedagogical innovation, permanent challenge of the institution.

The willingness and support they provide to all students, and the personalization of teaching.

The desire that all its students finish their studies with a multilingual and international professional profile.


Facing the course 2020-2021 this is the academic offer:


Degree in Security (face-to-face and distance teaching modality)

Mention in Public Safety

Mention in Private Security

Double Degree in Criminology and Security

Double Degree in Early Childhood Education + Primary Education

Degree in Primary Education (bilingual in English)

Degree in elementary education

Mention in Foreign Language English

Mention in Therapeutic Pedagogy

Mention in Educational Resources for School and Free Time

Mention in Physical Education

Degree in Early Childhood Education


University Master’s Degree in Research and Innovation in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education.



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