Is the Chickenpox Vaccine Effective against Monkeypox?

Cases of monkeypox have been found in 50 countries.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed a case of monkey pox has been found in 50 countries, but cannot yet be considered a global health emergency. Then, is it true that the chickenpox vaccination that has been carried out for a long time in Indonesia also has benefits for alleviating the symptoms of monkeypox virus infection?monkeypox)?

“Actually, this group of diseases belongs to the smallpox virus, so the vaccine is still useful,” said Ni Luh Putu Pitawati, a venereal skin specialist from the Sulianti Saroso Infection Center Hospital, Ni Luh Putu Pitawati, during a virtual conference, Monday (27/6/2022). ).

Dr Putu explained that the smallpox vaccine is also useful in making the condition less severe if exposed to the virus monkeypox. This means that even if you are infected with monkeypox, the symptoms will be lighter.

Furthermore, Dr. Putu reminded that no specific therapy has been given for the treatment of monkeypox. Treatment is to relieve symptoms and is supportive in nature, for example, if the body is weak, the patient needs to rest enough and if he has a fever he is given anti-fever.

“Actually, this disease can heal itself if the condition of the body’s immune system is strong to fight the virus,” he said.

To increase immunity, Dr. Putu said, patients can get enough rest, eat nutritious and healthy food, then drink more which helps to boost the immune system. If the body’s immunity increases then the body can be better at curing infections.

Dr Putu reminded, actually prevention is better than cure. Moreover, there is no specific therapy for monkeypox virus.

“So, it is better to focus on prevention, namely by avoiding close contact with wild animals that may be confirmed to have monkeypox infection,” he said.

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