Is it true that sperm is good at swimming? Check out the facts behind 5 sperm myths


Sperm is the most important part in the male reproductive system. The sperm released by a man during ejaculation will fertilize the egg, causing pregnancy.

But there are many myths that sometimes make no sense about sperm and are believed by people. In fact, this myth can be misleading because it is not supported by scientific research.

Quoted from Healthline, here are the facts behind the 5 myths sperm which many people still believe:

1. MYTH: Sperm swim straight

Many people imagine that when the sperm swim to the egg it is like a swimming competition. In fact, not all sperm swim straight towards the egg. Of the many sperm cells that are released, some move forward, form a circle, and even stay in place.

2. MYTH: Sperm only live briefly after being released

Sperm are believed to have a short life span after ejaculation. In fact, not always sperm have a short life span. Sperm that make it into the vagina can live for up to five days. This is due to the protective effect of cervical mucus and cervical crypts. However, sperm will die outside the vagina a few minutes after ejaculation.

3. MYTH: Sperm go directly to the egg

Many consider sperm to swim directly to fertilize the ovum when it is released during ejaculation. But the fact is not that simple, some sperm will stick to the fallopian tube until the time of conception.

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