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Is it Safe to Use Aromatherapy Candles for Colds in Babies? Risks and Natural Remedies


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The use of aromatherapy candles is now widely used, one of which is to relieve colds in babies. However, is it actually safe to use aromatherapy candles for babies to relieve colds?

Aromatherapy candle itself is a type of candle that is mixed with essential oil or essential oil to produce a certain distinctive fragrance. Several types of this fragrance are claimed to have health benefits, one of which is to relieve anxiety and overcome nasal congestion.

Actually there have been many studies that reveal the health benefits of using essential oils. However, how to use it to relieve colds in babies?

Is it safe to use aromatherapy candles for colds in babies?

Quoted from Medical News Today, a study revealed that the content of essential oils in aromatherapy candles can reduce cortisol levels in the body. The hormone cortisol itself is a hormone associated with stress. When the levels are reduced, it is believed that stress triggers can also decrease.

Another study published in National Library of Medicine also explained the benefits of using aromatherapy candles. It is said that bergamot essential oil, which is often mixed into aromatherapy candles, can relieve fatigue and cortisol levels.

Of the various health benefits of essential oils in aromatherapy candles, it should be underlined that until now there has been no specific research that reveals the benefits of using aromatherapy candles to treat colds in babies.

Risks of using aromatherapy candles

Quoted from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, when used under normal circumstances, aromatherapy candles are generally safe. The medical literature does not disclose any substantial evidence linking use of such items to significant health effects in people without underlying medical conditions.

But please note that aromatherapy candles also release various chemicals into the air that circulates in the indoor environment. Exposure to these chemicals, even under normal circumstances, can irritate the airways, especially in people with a history of allergies or asthma.

Allergies and asthma cause inflammation of the upper and lower airways, which make them very sensitive. Any perfumed product, regardless of how ‘natural’ it is, can irritate their respiratory tract.

It is generally advised to avoid using perfumed products in the nursery or in the environment where the baby sleeps. This is because their lungs are still developing.

Anyone with a family history of allergies or asthma should be especially careful about their baby’s health, as they are also at risk for these conditions.

How to safely deal with flu in babies

Illustration bayi flu/Foto: Getty Images/Arisara_Tongdonnoi

If you are still unsure about using aromatherapy candles to relieve your baby’s cold, there are several other natural ways that are safe and can be applied at home. Yes, no need for drugs, the common cold can be treated with the following treatments:

1. Give more breast milk

Babies who have the flu are usually accompanied by coughs and runny nose, both of which are prone to triggering dehydration. So, make sure Mother meets the fluid needs of her Little One by giving breast milk or formula milk (according to the baby’s condition).

2. Get plenty of rest

Also make sure the baby gets enough rest and doesn’t get too many playing activities first. Arrange so that the atmosphere in the room is quiet and not too bright, so that the baby can sleep more soundly.

3. Humidify the room air

Moist air can help relieve the baby’s respiratory tract. For example, Mother can use a humidifier or open the windows of the room so that air circulation runs smoothly.

4. Provide food and warm drinks

For babies who are over 6 months old, Mother can also provide warm food and drinks to help relieve their runny nose.

5. Warm steam

The safe way to deal with flu in the next baby is to give warm steam. Warm steam is known to widen the respiratory tract, making it easier for mucus to drain from the nose.

Those are the reviews about flu in babies, including whether or not it is safe to use aromatherapy candles. If Mother is still unsure, do a consultation with your little one’s favorite pediatrician, OK?

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