Is it permissible for diabetics to cut and trim their nails? Here’s the truth

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–You may have heard earlier that diabetics should not cut their toenails…but, not everything you hear is true!

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection clarified, through its official account on the Instagram website, that this information is wrong.

The general advice for clipping the toenails applies to all people.

And if you have diabetes, you should keep your nails healthy by cutting them just like a healthy person.

While some people think that type 2 diabetes is mild and mild, there is no classification for the severity of diabetes.

All types of diabetes can lead to serious complications if not treated, according to the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.

In fact, types 1 and 2 diabetes have in common that high blood sugar is considered dangerous.

Therefore, the patient with either type must take caution and adhere to the treatment plan in order to avoid any complications.

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