British intelligence has introduced a new focus on of the occupiers in the Donbass


The new goal of the Russian invaders is to seize the freeway to Donetsk

In Donbas, Russian-backed forces, mainly DPR fighters, keep on to try assaults north of Donetsk.

Very last 7 days, Russia’s precedence was to reorient models to strengthen southern Ukraine. However, in Donbas, Russian-backed forces, generally DPR fighters, continue on to try attacks north of Donetsk. This was noted by the British Ministry of Protection in Twitter.

“Notably stubborn fighting took spot exterior Peski village in close proximity to Donetsk airport. The settlement is probably to continue to be controversial. The spot has been at the forefront of command of Donbass considering that 2014,” the report claimed.

Intelligence thinks that the new goal of the Russian invaders is to capture the M04 freeway, the major gateway to Donetsk from western Ukraine.

Earlier, British intelligence reported the escalating assaults by Russian troops in the Seversk location could point out an endeavor by the Russian Federation divert the focus of Ukraine from the southexactly where Ukrainian troops conduct productive counterattacks.

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