Is Having Credit Failing to Help Me Get Urgently Needed Money?

Hi everyone, I’m reaching out to you guys because I’m at a loss…but I don’t want to give up…

My mother-in-law was in a rheumatology clinic, stood at the reception, the doctor ran down the hall, there was a collision, my mother-in-law fell and broke her arm. A nurse drove her to the emergency room. Two days later, my SM called the doctor, who admitted everything. Actually, he wouldn’t have been to the practice at all, his mind wasn’t on it and it’s his birthday the next day. The letter from the insurance company has completely rejected everything with the reason: My SM is to blame and suddenly there is a “witness” that my SM is to blame and the insurance company does not do this (with great scorn) and rejects all payments. Is that legal? I took the following quote from a lawyer;

“However, this does not mean that every fall in a doctor’s office or in a hospital is excluded from insurance cover. “If the accident is in no way related to the medical treatment, the insurance company is generally obliged to pay,” says attorney Penteridis. “If, for example, the charming patient waves to the doctor’s assistants on leaving and falls, then the consequences of the accident are not related to the medical treatment, with the result that the insurance company has to pay,” says the lawyer Melzer from Bad Lippspringe.”

A lawyer is too expensive for my mother-in-law and the district court says she should go to her pension savings. That’s out of the question for me… I’m at a loss and urgently need an assessment of the legal situation. Is there a chance of success? We don’t necessarily want to sue the doctor, etc., but a broken arm in a practice where an accident occurs that has nothing to do with the practice.

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I sincerely hope for your help!

Best regards


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